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Himalayan crystal salt bars are multi-functional and come in the shape of a bar of soap with a smooth surface. The salt minerals naturally kill bacteria and therefore odor. The Crystal Salt Bar can be dipped in water and used to wash hands, as an underarm deodorant, or to apply to skin conditions. Please note that the Crystal Salt Bar must not be stored in a wet area or it will dissolve. It does not produce a lather. For those people who are sensitive or allergic to chemicals in soap and who need to wash their hands safely, this soap bar is a great natural antibacterial alternative. As a deodorant, it is free of chemicals such as aluminum and paraben preservative. Some people use the Crystal Salt Bar to wash their whole body. Salt massage bar can be heated on a heating pad or in a low heat oven or into the microwave for 1 minute for perfect, penetrating heat that last a full hour, to create a radiant heat that penetrates deep into sore achy muscles. The heat coupled with the nutrients causes the body to release toxins that may be blocking the blood flow in that area. To reduce inflammation your massage bar can be chilled quickly in the freezer for an effective anti inflammatory treatment OR sports massage.

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