And once there was a connotation that online shopping was not a preferable choice since it was associated with risks of cyber crimes and fraud and unfortunately this very thought still exists in multitudes, reason why there are a few people who are taking benefits from shopping through online stores. But the good news is that the number is increasing exponentially amongst the urban dwellers of this country Pakistan and it is said that E-commerce is becoming the fastest growing sector here in this land of Pak with 65% of our population now e-ready and 2% of the population is already shopping online. It is estimated in the near future, nearly 25 percent of traditional businesses will switch to e-commerce.

Hundreds of reasons can be listed as to why the graph of online shopping is peaking with the pace unparalleled and even thousands can be stated as to why should you switch from the traditional shopping to online shopping. Yet the former one is the positive consequence of the latter. Online shopping saves you “time”, you just need to click your desired product, fill up the order form and has to wait for your product at your home, worth mentioning is that your product will reach within 4 working days at your place if you are shopping from

Other benefit is “accessibility” to variety of products at once and most of the time at a single website. Such a website can be assumed as a superstore where you don’t want to carry your stuff in trolley, where you don’t need to drive from home to market and market to home, where you don’t need to make space in your busy time schedule for shopping in scorching sun rays for a long time and where you are not cared about security of personal things. In nutshell it is much more “convenient” and “feasible”.

In a country like Pakistan, terrorist acts and activities are prevailing with the lightening speed, moreover, thefts on roadsides, usurpation of personal vehicles and aggressive behaviors of people are barely tolerated. So here neither you nor your valuables are protected. Here comes the benefit of online shopping i.e “Security of your life and valuables” you will shop from home and there is less likely a risk that you would have become the prey of ongoing disliked activities going outside your home.

Now those who say that online shopping is associated with fraud and cheat, yes that WAS a one major issue but for that you can check the authenticity of the website as how old is the website, you can check whether the website is registered or not, that is some research work on your part. One more limitation was the mode of payment, previously it was by means of credit card but now it has been replaced by COD (Cash on delivery) model of payment which has now become the only best model which is being used by online shops here in Pakistan. It is because of this very system that people shopping from online shops are 100% satisfied from their online sellers.

More than enough reasons have just been stated above and after reading this you would surely go for online shops. is the preferred one among Pakistanis because it fulfills customer demands completely. So don’t while away much, get yourself e-literate and welcome ease and convenience at your doorstep.

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